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Residential Interior Painting
With a brand new coat of interior paint, the inside of your home will look brand new again.
Residential Exterior Painting
In only a few days, Wade's Pro Painting can give your home a completely new look.
Commercial Painting
We help spruce up your companies appeal with our top rated commercial painting services.
Home Maintenance Services
If you are in need of some minor repairs to your home, call Wades and we will come running.

Madison Painting Contractor You Can Trust

We look forward to working with you on your residential or commercial painting needs in Madison and Surrounding Areas.

We are Madison Painters!

After 18 years of business as a one of the top Madison painting contractors,  we have seen many painting companies come and go, while we have survived and thrived! Over the years many competitors have used all kinds of tactics to try and catch your attention or win you over. Historically we ignore these whether they are scams or not. Since they can only hurt the competition in the long run. However, there are 2 main issues that are commonplace within many of our competitors and we would like to share with you what they are, so you can protect yourself from them.

Please be aware that even with the top of the line products and top notch prep work and all things done by the book, this kind of warranty is almost certain to fail. You don’t have to be a painting expert to realize this, its common sense for most. We at Wades Pro Painting offer the max allotted warranty time for your exterior project and giving us a 2 year buffer. We wanted to share with you taking any other offer for more warranty time is highly risky and likely a scam or in many cases unenforceable. So while shopping around be cautious and rightfully skeptical of 10+ year warranties

We at Wades Pro Painting DO NOT use sub-contractors to complete projects for our clients. All of our employees work for us full-time and are paid on an hourly basis. When a client chooses us for their project they receive personal communication and customer service directly from our owner, Homer Wade.

Affordable Painters in Huntsville, AL
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We Specialize in: Interior, Exterior, Commercial & Maintenance

Painting Services You Can Trust!

Hire A Madison Painting Contractor To Get The Job Done RIGHT!
With so many other Madison painting companies being a franchise bought painting company, you need to know that - We are NOT a Franchise. One of the most common questions we have from our current and potential clients is whether or not we are a franchise company. We believe this is an important question to ask, and we are happy to explain why we are not a franchise.

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Why should you hire Wade's Pro Painting

Over the past 18 years, we have developed a wonderful reputation that holds many great qualities. There is one in particular that we could have never imagined and it was manifested by the thousands of clients we have served. Out of thousands of clients, we have reported many times that we were hired above all other good reasons because they didn’t want to gamble. We simply couldn’t be more excited by this. So while shopping around for a painting contractor in Madison, you will be faced with many choices, just know many of those who choose us don’t gamble. Many of those who choose us want a sure thing for their money and we take pride in that. Your money is hard earned, don’t gamble with it, invest it with Wades Pro Painting

Generic Names = Generic Company

Have you noticed that 99.9% of all other painting companies use generic names? What ever happened to the time when all businesses proudly used their actual name? Well, Wades Pro Painting is very proud to use the last name of the Owner, Homer Wade. Our actual name is a sign of just how serious we are. We put our name on our business because from day one, 18 years ago, every job we do is our name. Slapping a generic name on a business and the jobs it completes, holds very little to no sentimental value and that is not a good mix for you in the long term.

Setting The Excellence​ Benchmark

Free Estimates

If you are looking for high-quality residential or commercial painting services, interior or exterior, call us today for a free estimate. Part of our goal of providing superior customer service is giving you an idea of the costs related to your project free of charge. Tell us about your home or business needs and we can provide you with an estimation on site of the costs, based on labor, materials and time for completion.

Quick Personal Response

When you choose Wades Pro Painting for your commercial or residential Madison painting needs we will send a representative out to your location and begin assessing your project right away. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time and completed in a timely manner. The appearance of your home or business is important to you and it is our goal to gain your business and provide you with the best…

Some of Our Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it, we have 100’s of happy customers who have shared their experience. Here are just a few of them and what they have said about your local Huntsville Painters, Wade’s Pro Painting

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